Melissa Misoda

My work strives to capture visual movement through repetition. The style in which I work stems from the spontaneity of my materials. While I go into each piece with an idea, how I execute it has an instinctive quality by allowing my materials to flow naturally. I use a torch to melt and weld steel rods, allowing the surface to keep this melted form when it cools. The glass parts naturally drip and ‘freeze’ at certain moments to capture that molten nature of sculpting it. Using delicate yet rigid metal forms to create a framework that contrasts the smooth and transparent nature of clear glass creates a visual dichotomy that further allows movement to exist. There is also something very pure about using clear glass in a world filled with color. The reflections of its surroundings are captured in a such a way that also brings the movement of the world changing around us, magnifying little details we often overlook, which also allow is to see the reflected colors in new ways.